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SIA 'AQUA SAN' was founded and registered in the commercial register of the Republic of Latvia Enterprise Register in 2005 in Riga as a manufacturer of wooden windows, doors and sliding systems, where highly qualified employees and specialists with a high professional experience in their field were employed. At first, our company produced and offers wood-pack windows, doors and sliding systems, made from the most high-value wood blanks and equipped with good-quality fittings (“roto”), finishes and cleats that provide durable functionality and safe operation. 

The company started producing and offering PVC (Salamder, Rehau) and aluminum (PONZIO) windows, showcases, doors, partitions, sliding systems, facades and full-glass in 2017. We use high-quality fittings (roto, Winhouse, Sigenia, Fapim, Savio, ISEO, Geze, GU, DORMA) that will have long-lasting functionality and safe operation in partnership with Europe's best raw material suppliers. As we grew and developed, we became one of the few companies in Latvia that took the responsibility to produce and offer customers the creation of non-standart and configurations of various kinds, and the degree of complexity of windows, doors and facades. We offed window repairs and adjustment services, as well as offer individual orders from timber.

Right now our company is engaged in manufacturing all kinds of aluminum, wood, PVC windows, doors, sliding systems, partitions, full glass or facade. We offer good quality fittings (Roto, Winhouse, Sigenia, Fapim, Savio, Iseo, Geze, GU, Dorma), various types, colors and designs of finishes, cleats and window sills. We do glass changes, handle changes, fitting changes, adjusting fittings and doors. We produce and offer individual orders for wooden stairs, wooden tables and other wooden products. Our customers have the opportunity to order windows, doors, showcases, sliding systems, partitions, full glass and facades in different color tones, which will create a harmonious design with the exterior and interior of the house, because we understand that every house and every project is unique and our masters are always ready to help you with advice or answer important questions related to the selection, creation and installation of doors and windows!

The responsibility and diligence with which each project is made gave us recognition for many successful and well-implemented projects not only in Latvia, but also abroad! We offer our products and services at prices available to customers, thanks to our workshops high quality equipment, so the company is able to offer at a lower price than other Latvian and European Union producers at the same time maintain compliance with the highest quality standards.

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