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high quality windows and doors

SIA ‘AQUA SAN’ was founded and entered in the Commercial Register of the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia in 2005 in Riga as a manufacturer of wooden windows and doors, which employs highly qualified employees and specialists with a large
Our company manufactures and offers wooden windows and doors, which are made of the highest quality wooden blanks and equipped with the highest quality fittings and finishing materials, which ensure long-term functionality and safe operation. Thanks to the higher quality equipment of our factory, the company offers its products and services at a lower price than other Latvian manufacturers while maintaining compliance with the highest quality standards.
As the company grows and develops, we have started the production of PVC and aluminum windows and doors. Our company offers the highest quality products in cooperation with the best suppliers of raw materials in Europe.
We offer the production of windows and doors of various configurations and levels of complexity. Each client has the opportunity to order windows and doors in different colors, which will create a harmonious design with the exterior and interior of the house, because we understand that each house and each project is unique and our masters are always ready to help you with advice or answer important questions. with the selection, creation and installation of doors and windows!
The responsibility and diligence with which each project is made gave us recognition for many successful and well-implemented projects not only in Latvia, but also abroad!

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