Wooden window fittings

Wooden windows are fitted with fittings from the German company "ROTO", which provides various types of opening, and it can be supplemented with anti-burglary mechanisms.

Profiled fitting surface

A completely new profiled shutter surface provides the opportunity to make optimal use of the existing free space. Parts that are normally directed into this space, such as screw holes, do not protrude from the surface of the locking bar due to the built-in profile. The new solutions for fittings ensure a long service life and ROTO gives it a 10-year warranty without fear.

Passive ventilation

The risk of mold formation in new and well-compacted cocoons should not be underestimated. Thanks to regular air exchange, this problem can be reduced with the help of window fittings.
The new type of passive ventilation system consists of only one frame part, which can be installed at any time. The labor-intensive assembly with templates is no longer required, as the ventilation element is simply placed next to the counter plate of the corner gear.

Connection of parts

The new type of connection technology ensures that the traditional connection cover, which was mounted between the interconnected parts, is no longer necessary. Thus, the force-requiring connection procedure is almost turned into a toy - all that remains is to lock and screw. It is no longer possible to be more precise! In this case, too, you can make full use of the free space.

Level fixation

Another multifunctional piece of fittings: the sash lifter ensures that the sash slides into the frame at the same level, thus preventing the window from slipping on the handle side. This level can also be adjusted. The latch blocks the possibility of opening the window incorrectly. All this is a guarantee for the long and safe service life of the fittings.

Closing pins V

Adjustment, closing and safety are provided by a single component - the ROTO closing system, which has excellent movement characteristics and maximum safety. The clever technical solution of the locking pin Q ensures that the requirements of standard DIN V ENV 1627-1630 are met for burglar-proof windows (strength classes 1 and 2). Both standard and anti-break plate bolt axles are identical, so it is easy to replace them later, regardless of which of the locking pin variants is used.

ROTOsil surface

An outstanding visual feature of the new ROTO NT system is the color of its elements - due to the special surface treatment during galvanizing, chrome plating and varnishing, ROTOsil looks like matte silver and has increased corrosion protection. Timeless appearance and longevity in the new millennium!

Fixed recovery state

100% comfort: the integrated tilt lock securely locks the window in the tilted position. As a result, windbreaking windows are a thing of the past. Without changing the details, the amount of waste can be halved.


The sealing of the window opening part is ensured by sealing rubbers of the German company "DEVENTER", which are resistant to the effects of the weather (retain their elastic properties both in high frost and heat, resistant to UV radiation).


For the lower parts of window frames and sash we use drainage systems of the German company "BUG", which are formed by aluminum profiles of different types and colors, they will effectively protect your windows.

Double glazing

For the windows we use glass packages made in Latvia, in which the glass of the Czech company "Glaverbel" is used. Different types of glass packages are available, which differ in terms of heat loss coefficient, tinting and sound insulation. Double-glazed units with a heat loss coefficient starting from 1.1W / m2 * K are available.