• Triple glued pine blanks IV-92 are used to manufacture windows
  • Wooden beam, made of radially sawn pine blanks, with carefully sawed out branches and wood damage. Sawing is comlpleted by using spot-bonded finger-joint connection with a two-component polyvinyl acetate adhesive.
    Triple glass packets are manufactured in to the windows with 92mm depth.
  • Window opening part sealins are provided by German company “DEVENTER” Rubber Seals
  • Windows are incorporated with the German company “Roto” fittings, ensuring long-lasting and smooth operation of windows
  • Wooden windows surface decorations and paint job is created by using the German company “TEKNOS” primers and water based glazes
  • Insulation – thermal conductivity coefficient, depending on the size of the window (frame) Uf = 0,9 W / m2K
1. Frame – 92mm
2. Silicone seal
3. Aluminium senia
4. Sash – 92mm
5. Aluminum water nose
6. External sill connection place
7. Radial sawn material triple glued lamella
8 Inner sill connection place
9. The four-layer finish
10. Two sealing planes
11 Water-proof glue – D4
12. Insulating glass units tensioning wedge
13. Wooden rack for glass
14. Air desiccant
15. The glass package with triple glass – made in an argon environment, guaranteeing 100% of the package filled with gas
16. Argon gas between glass
17. Aluminum frame between the glass packages
18. ROTO fittings